Clean Cars Campaign



About Us

The Clean Cars Campaign is an informal alliance of dozens of state, local and national health and environmental organizations working together to promote cleaner motor vehicles, including vehicles that emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Each member organization has its own governing board and sets its own policies. Member groups do not pay to participate in the campaign.

Learn more about each group and their global warming programs by clicking on the links below.


  • Frank O’Donnell
    Clean Air Watch
    (202) 558-3527

  • Emily Figdor
    Clean Air & Energy Advocate
    Environment America
    (202) 683-1250 ext.307

  • Ann Mesnikoff
    Sierra Club
    Global Warming & Energy Program
    (202) 675-2397

  • Michelle Robinson
    Washington Director, Clean Vehicles Program
    Union of Concerned Scientists
    (202) 223-6133